We can be proud that our 50th state is making great progress towards US patriotism and has achieved a high ranking in this survey of the United States. President Obama was helpful in shifting a lot of public opinion towards US patriotism.
We are thankful of law enforcement and security helping to keep this US State and these July 4th holidays safer.


14th amendmentFirsts and almost firsts in Hawaii by Robert Schmidt book review.Martin Luther King speaks at UH.

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Address of John L. Stevens, United States minister, before American citizens in Honolulu, H. I., July 4th, 1890

John Stevens address honolulu 1890


views of Honolulu circa 1890

Map of Honolulu 1847




Picture timeline of Betsey Stockton

Betsey Stockton

Among the many U.S. missionaries, there was a well-respected moral, civic and educational teacher for U.S. democracy in Hawaii named Betsey Stockton. These educational traditions for democracy are perhaps the inspiring precedents for some of President Obama’s early respect for promoting democracy.  Thus, Betsey Stockton’s history would be relevant and appropriate to a presidential museum in Hawaii.

only portrait known of Betsey Stockton which has been digitally painted


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illustration of a baseball game circa 1900

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postcard picture of hawaiian lady in  a red, white & blue hat standing next to man in ahawaiian cloak & hat with Diamond Head in the background.

Postcard circa 1960






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